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Lifestyle Changes for a Healthier You!

Our functional medicine approach to diabetes takes a more foundational look at the patient as a whole rather than simply focusing on the disease itself. 
Our approach at EMC focuses on the leading cause of diabetes and implementing lifestyle changes that longer-term provide quality-of-life solutions.

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“Without question, I would say that the treatments that I received from Dr. Wagshul and his staff have been very, very successful for me.""

Julie, London, UK

Managing Diabetes

A major criticism of traditional medicine is that it often seeks to treat the symptoms of a disease rather than address the initial causes. The functional medicine approach for diabetes looks at the patient as a whole rather than simply focusing on the disease itself. Our approach at Enlightened Medical Care finds the root cause of your diabetes and implements lifestyle changes that provide long-term quality-of-life solutions.

For example, this could mean changing someone’s diet to eat fresh food, eating less sugar,  and getting more exercise. This helps in reducing weight and the potential to develop the disease. One of the reasons why we have an issue with diabetes is the consumption of high-carb diets. Low-carb diets have been shown consistently to help prevent the onset of diabetes and reduce blood sugar levels.

Our approach at EMC is to find the leading cause of your diabetes and implement lifestyle changes that bring long-term quality-of-life solutions.


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